Friday, 4 November 2016

Here we go... I start my life with running. Running against my fellow competitor,my enemy. I became first in that race. I entered to the room where I got my reward. I became strong got fused, ran and found a suitable place where I could stay for the time to become independent. I succeed to become independent. I came out to a world where I could be hero or may be zero. I got scared but found myself in a place where I could get anything without even asking. Then I grew up, learnt to survive with the help of others. I tried to adapt myself to the scenario that was not favourable to me. I tried to be myself but I could not. I became a person who I was not satisfied with. I found that I was nothing in this world. I took the challenge to be something in this world. I made the mind setup to become a person what I had wanted. But again I failed, sometimes I became disappointed. I became horribly misfired, demolished, weak and most importantly just not me. I knew I had some weak point. I was not perfect. I didn't want to be perfect. I just wanted to be myself but I couldn't due to their circumstances. 

The stage is different now... there is much more things to do... there is much more legitimate idea to be performed... So how I'll gonna face it...(to be continued)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Never be the same as I walk alone with the potential that I never gonna underestimated. My life is only derived from the beginning to engage in never speech hopeless situation. I was sourrounded with fear with breathlessness. Never say never. I was alive then. What was it. That keep me alive with common people.
I am not a perfect human. I am just me with lot of hope. With lot of sin. I am me with my breath.
I never thought I would be as good as I am now. It was a dream comes true. I always wish to fullfill my dream. I have done this.
I never thought I will be as bad as I am now. I never give up. But I fail to coordinate the circumstances. I fail to judge myself from being good or bad. I am wrong. I am dishonored, I am being humiliated, I am being bangged like a false shepherd, I am washed away, I am withdrawn, I am in back with clean face no anger but mistakenly misfortunated. I don't have clue whatsoever. I am just out of my way, out of my ambition, out of my lagecy
And that's my lagecy. I am not finished yet, I am not gonna give up. I am in my position, I am the best. I have believe, I have the path which is end yet. I am taking each my breath to be just myself.
Myself means a lot to me. I will gonna die. I will gonna end my journey sooner or later. But I am not gonna stop myself from being ambitious. I have the courage, I just need to show it. I have the spirit, I just have to use it. I have the luck, I just have to believe it.
Believe me. I am gonna win. There is no lose but has many gains. Gaining the thinking possibly. Remember every human has ups and downs but who believes has just got the upperhand of others.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nothing is happening right
Nothing is happening wrong
I have to just think that
I am my own.

Days have passed
Days to go
Am I right?
Or I have to just show..

Bring the joy in heart
Or bring sorrow
I have to buy with money
Or borrow...

Life is tide
Try to adapt
Life is time
So just keep it up...

One day all things will be ok
Then I will feel that
Am I ok?

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